La Luna Smart Interactive Baby Soother, Shushing Sound and Custom Recording/Auto Activation With Cry Sensor, Auto Volume Increaser, Blue

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The La Luna smart interactive baby soother relaxes and calms your baby by emitting a shushing sound, known to effectively sooth by mimicking the sound familiar to babies from months of being in the mother's womb. Amazingly stops crying, helps baby go to sleep and stay asleep. Features also the option of recording up to fifteen (15) seconds of your own sound and replay with all functions such as auto cry sensor, auto-volume, etc. Calm your baby with your own voice, while being deep asleep in your own bed cry sensor + auto volume: The La Luna baby soother activates automatically when sensing a crying sound for more than ten (10) seconds, and automatically adjusts its volume to be a level above the baby's cry. The shushing volume then lowers itself as the baby calms down. Shushing sound continues for fifteen (15) minutes after baby has stopped crying. Manual mode: Manual mode allows to start the baby soother sound when needed and allows to manually set the volume to the desired level. Automatically shuts-off after 15 minutes. 360° surround sound: Designed with a 360° circular shape speaker, with calculated acoustic sound gaps, to give the baby a natural impression of hearing real shushing sounds from parents. Easy & fast attachment: Features a flexible open-design hook to allow for a fast and convenient attachment. Easily hang onto crib rail, car seat, carriage, etc. No batteries required: Features an installed rechargeable battery, and works for forty (40) hours after a single recharging session. Easily recharges with a USB cable (included). Amazingly self-soothes baby back to sleep so you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep made with pba free material. Patent pending. Specifications: Recharging time: 2 hours operating time after full charge: 40 hours battery power: 1000 mah voltage: DC 3.7v.

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